Opportunistic Real Estate Investment Opportunities

High returns, mitigated risk, and short investment periods

Whether you’re looking to invest in individual properties for rental/resale, or take a more hands off approach and invest in real estate indirectly, we have a solution for you.  Our investors have the option of investing in our open-ended private equity real estate fund, individual transactions, or both.

Fund I

Until recently GFE has invested its own funds into deals and raised additional funds for individual transactions, but we are now opening up all of our deals to outside investors via GFE Fund I.  With this fund GFE will be able to provide investors with a longer-term, high-return investment without having to evaluate or manage individual deals.

GFE Fund I is an open-end, opportunistic real estate investment vehicle focusing on distressed residential assets in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and New York.  The current target fund size is $1mm.  Features of the fund include:

  • Minimum commitment: $50,000
  • Preferred return: between 18 – 24% (annual)
  • 60-day minimum investment period.

Co-Invest in Individual Deals

Occasionally we will be presented with an opportunity to invest in a property where the equity required to acquire the property is above the maximum investment for GFE Fund I and we will raise money from outside investors.  These deals are usually structured as short-term loans with very quick turnarounds.  However, investors could also have the opportunity to purchase the property for themselves for rental income or rehab/resale. Investors in Fund I will have first right of refusal on co-investment opportunities.

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